Direct Access is my adventure section. It consists mostly of lists ranking different places within a category (top book-stores in NYC, for example). These are largely attainable adventures, and therefore may be of pragmatic value, particularly to you NYC-based vagabonds (aka hipsters living outside of Manhattan). 

This site is largely an attempt to provide an outlet to the perpetual ping-ponging that goes on in my head. It’s not a “woe-is-me” state of being, but it is noisy, and I’m trying to calm the storm just a tad.

If you happen to see the world through a romantic lens, prefer paperbacks to your kindle, or are generally Type-A, this site might be for you. If you are Type B, this site might also be for you for the sheer amusement of knowing that there are people out there who feel the need to rank and categorize everything.

Welcome to Ocean’s Views. I have many views, many more questions, and someone once called me “Ocean.” Hence the name of this blog.

High Tide is where I’ll riff on the bigger things I’m considering at the moment: questions, connections, musings, etc. I’m not a stoner, but the name of the page does make for a solid double entendre.

Low Tide is for views on external items: films, books, plays, etc. There are few things I love more in life than arguing over subjective things, and this section caters to that. It is a lighter section and therefore makes for a lower tide.  

P1030076 copy.jpg

All of the photography and views on this site are my own, and I will continue to evoke oceanic themes throughout because:

1-    Everything in the world is unified, therefore everything in this blog should be unified. The ocean is my chosen vehicle for said unification.

2-    Oceanic metaphor is a fertile source for a great many linguistic tools. 

3-    I think the ocean is a mighty and mysterious place, and this blog is about trying to explore things both at and below the surface. So in that spirit...

Stay salty,